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How leaves shaped the world

Leaves are the solar-powered food factories of the world. Beautiful, compact, and complex, without them the world would be a very different place indeed.

Great Egret flapping wings

Florida should let feds handle wetlands permitting

By Amber Crooks | Conservancy Environmental Policy Manager The Orlando Sentinel recently published an editorial asking Gov. Ron DeSantis to rescue Florida’s wetlands by returning the Clean Water Act Section 404…

Everglades Sunrise

Public’s Voice and Governor’s Leadership sink SB 2508

Today, SB 2508 was vetoed by Governor Ron DeSantis, who has made Everglades restoration and water quality a priority. Thanks to the support from citizens all over the state, we…

Baby loggerhead sea turtle on the beach of Keewaydin Island

Turtle-powered elevator? Sea turtle hatchling emergence

People run. Feet burning, faces wincing, regret building with every second on the sizzling pavement. “It’s only a little ways. I’ll just leave my sandals in the car”. Admonishing themselves…

Storm over the Gulf of Mexico

Sea turtle nesting: Ways you can help

How often, alone, do we expose ourselves to the midnight hour? To the boundary of civilized and savage? A ribbon of sand between the tame and turbulent, the known and…

Mangroves at sunset

A Mangrove Misunderstanding: Silent Guardians of the Coast

Read just about anything on mangrove forests and you’ll quickly learn how incredibly important these ecosystems are to all forms of life around them. However, it’s precisely the way they deliver this litany of benefits that can make them such a nightmare to walk through. These forests are the ultimate test to your depth of field, troubling even the most nimble of us, and oftentimes, while I myself stumble about; I entertain visions of James Bond attempting a “high speed” chase through here.

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