The work of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida would not be possible without an outstanding team of individuals. If you can’t find the information you need right here on our website, one of our associates will be happy to assist you.

General Information Line: 239.262.0304

Guest Services: 239.213.2500

Executive Office

Rob Headshot

Rob Moher

President and CEO
Betsy 2

Betsy Greenfield

Executive Assistant to the President
Paul 3

Paul Seifert

Vice President

Business & Finance

Victoria 2

Victoria Pollock

Chief Financial Officer
Angie 2

Angela Cassner

Accounting Manager
239.262.0304  ext 229

Diana 2

Diana Gomez

Accounting Assistant
239.262.0304 ext 203

Information Technology

Ernie 1

Ernie Reid

Director of Business Systems and IT
Sue Website

Sue Cleaves

Business Systems Administrator
Keith 1

Keith Badge

Technical Support Specialist

Human Resources

Karen 2

Karen Macartney

Director of HR & Business Operations
Staff Woman Placeholder

Jhaslyn De La Rosa

Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Development and Membership

Aaron 3

Aaron Lapp

Director of Constituent Relations
Amy Tantillo

Amy Tantillo

Events Manager
A. Chirino

Angie Chirino

Constituent Relations Coordinator
Sophia 4

Sophia Navarra

Database Manager
James 3

James Kintz

Membership & Volunteer Coordinator

Environmental Education

Alex 2

Alex Levine

Director of Education
Tonya 4

Tonya Zadrozny

Education Programs Coordinator
239.262.0304 ext 258

Lori 2

Lori Heath Thorn

Nature Center Programs Coordinator
239.262.0304 ext 243


Paul Leingang

Animal Care Coordinator
239.262.0304 ext 312

Nerissa Staff

Nerissa Vasconcells

239.262.0304 ext. 238

00 Heather Skaza Acosta 2

Heather Skaza Acosta, Ph.D.

FGCU Liaison
239.262.0304 ext. 242

Environmental Policy

Nicole 1

Nicole Johnson

Director of Environmental Policy
Amber 3

Amber Crooks

Environmental Policy Manager
Julianne 1

Julianne Thomas

Senior Environmental Planning Specialist
239.262.0304, ext. 252


April Olson

Senior Environmental Planning Specialist
239.262.0304 ext. 250

Generic Headshot

Jessica Wilson, Ph.D.

Senior Water Policy Specialist
Ellen 3

Ellen Murray

Env. Policy Administrative Assistant
239.262.0304 ext. 232

Environmental Science

Kathy 1

Kathy Worley

Director of Environmental Science & Biologist
Jeff 2

Jeff Schmid, Ph.D.

Environmental Research Manager
Ian B 2

Ian Bartoszek

Environmental Science Project Manager
Melinda 1

Melinda Schuman

Biologist IV

Vanessa Booher

Ian E 3

Ian Easterling

239.262.0304 x262


Generic Headshot Placeholder

Michael Lisky

Director of Facilities
Wes 1

Wesley Ceeley

Facilities Manager
Chris 1

Chris Fenstermaker

Maintenance Coordinator
Todd 2

Todd Scoville

Maintenance Technician

Guest Services

Rose 1

Rose Readigos

Guest Services Manager
239.262.0304 ext. 234

Marketing & Communications

KateK Port

Kate Kintz

Director of Marketing and Creative Services
GW Field

Greg Willette

Digital Media Manager
Robin HS Web

Robin Gould

Digital Marketing and Content Coordinator

Von Arx Wildlife Hospital

Joanna 3

Joanna Fitzgerald

Hospital Director
PJ 2

PJ Deitschel, DVM

Lauren Barkley

Lauren Barkley

Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist
239.262.0304, ext. 257

Erika S 2

Erika Summers

Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist
39.262.0304, ext. 260

Nicole 4

Nicole LeVasseur

Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist
239.262.0304, ext. 257

Chelsea HS

Chelsea Kolkin

Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist
239.262.0304 ext. 226

Generic Headshot

Christina Giralt

Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist
239.262.0304 ext. 226

Generic Headshot

Erin Lino

Wildlife Administrative Assistant

Growing Climate Solutions: Path to Positive Southwest Florida

Ana Port

Ana Puszkin-Chevlin, Ph.D.

Regional Director