Vision 2025

As the Conservancy of Southwest Florida looks to the future, we are taking the momentum we have earned over our 55 years as one of the region’s leading environmental organizations and boldly moving into the future.

Vision 2025 Graphic

We are bigger, stronger, and more experienced than ever in our history. We have a plan to address four critical areas in order to advance our mission to protect Southwest Florida’s water, land, wildlife, and future — Vision 2025.

With the guidance of our board of directors and input from many of our members and supporters, we have created a visionary roadmap for the future: Vision 2025.

Institutional Stability and Strength

Strengthening the core work of the Conservancy, its people, and programs. This includes growing our endowment.

Nature Center 2.0

Assessing all of the Nature Center assets. Addressing legacy buildings such as a new dormitory. Enhancing and developing new exhibits for the Conservancy’s Nature Center.

Enhanced Regional Presence

Engaging in regional initiatives including addressing environmental policy issues such as water quality and land preservation as well as focusing on new educational outreach programs including a mobile classroom.

Climate Change and Its Impacts

Growing climate solutions through regional partnerships. Tackling climate change and its impacts on core areas of the Conservancy’s mission.

Growing Climate Solutions: Path to Positive Southwest Florida