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What if a group of citizens had never been outraged by the proposed construction of a road from Naples to Marco Island through Rookery Bay? What if they never spoke up and gathered others to care about paradise?

After 6,000 signatures from residents, the ‘road to nowhere’ proposal was eventually repealed. This action sparked a bigger notion and in 1964 those same citizens became the founders of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.

This spirit of action, commitment and advocacy continues to shape who we are as an organization.

It has and always will be said that PEOPLE POWER OUR PROGRAMS. Without you and your support, the Conservancy would not be the driving regional leader it is today.

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As we enter our 60th anniversary, we are inviting you to the table of conservation, just as the hopeful and passionate environmentalists did before us and sparking the question of, “What If?”

What if there was no von Arx Wildlife Hospital to bring injured native animals? No nature center to educate the next generation? No science-based policy to fight off ill-conceived legislation? No science research fighting invasive species or protecting crucial ecosystems such as mangrove estuaries?

What would Southwest Florida look like today if the Conservancy was not defending and preserving paradise? This is why your support now and in the future is crucial not just for today, but for the next 60 years.

Please make your year-end gift today to help us preserve our paradise for the next 60 years.


Rob Moher
President and CEO
Conservancy of Southwest Florida