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Wildlife staff in front of packages sent in from Amazon Wish LIst

Virtual Wildlife Hospital Baby Shower a Success — Thank you!!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the von Arx Wildlife Hospital’s virtual Wildlife Baby Shower! Our local community, as well as people who follow us on social media from…


Lake Okeechobee management up for once-in-a-decade discussion

This summer marks the homestretch of a three-year long planning process that will dictate how Lake Okeechobee is managed for the next 7-10 years.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers…

Doodler heading home in 2015 with her second satellite tag

Adventures of Doodler and a Hobbit

A biologist’s recap on deploying a satellite transmitter on a sea turtle In 1995, the Conservancy’s sea turtle biologists first encountered Doodler, a loggerhead sea turtle. Her carapace (shell) measured…

This image shows eight dead birds - all victims of window strikes admitted to the von Arx Wildlife Hospital in one week.

On a Collision Course

By Melinda Schuman | Conservancy of Southwest Florida Biologist On a sunny morning in the spring of 2020 I was walking toward a research site in the heart of Naples,…

Girl Scouts Science Experiment In Southwest Florida

Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida launch climate change patch

Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, in partnership with Growing Climate Solutions, has launched a new climate change patch that recognizes Girl Scouts who are willing to advocate for the environment.…

Killdeer 2021

Wild animals need very specific care

A killdeer was among the 110 animals admitted to the von Arx Wildlife Hospital at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida this past week. Other admissions include a chimney swift, a…

Eastern Lands

Conservancy to appeal Rivergrass ruling

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida is disappointed with the Court’s ruling today. The Court declined to hear evidence that Rivergrass will cost Collier County taxpayers millions of dollars and will…

A horseshoe crab ambassador in the Conservancy’s touch tank aquarium

Meet the Prehistoric Animal That Still Lives Among Us

When visiting the Dalton Discovery Center here at the Conservancy, you may see a strange creature with an armored shell and long tail buried in the sands of the touch…


Conservancy educators launch e-learning initiative

Engage. Explore. Explain. Extend. Evaluate. “Seeing students light up with excitement as they engage with us on a virtual platform is always rewarding. While we miss seeing students in-person, we…