Kelly And Leroy

Overcoming Snake Fear: From an Intern’s Perspective

Kelly Paulus | Education Intern Slimy and ready to strike. That’s the general impression many people have about snakes and I used to be one of them. Growing up in…

Alligator Fakahatchee (2)

The Wrongful Villainization of Predators

By Education Intern Fernanda Mora In the grasslands of Africa, a beautiful zebra grazes a couple of feet away from her group. Unbeknownst to her, a hungry lioness watches her…

Purple Blossom Plant Water Hyacinth Flower Nature

The Mass Spread: Invasive Plant Species in Southwest Florida

By Hillary Sterett | Education Intern Our new John and Carol Walter Discovery Wing in the Dalton Discovery Center is tackling the topic of local invasive species. We know that…

Conservancy Mobile Classroom

Conservancy launches new cutting-edge mobile classroom

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has announced the launch of its new state-of-the-art mobile classroom, a custom-built specialty vehicle that provides a hands-on science learning experience on wheels.

Tonya Zadrozny Leads A SURVIVORS Program

Conservancy resumes field trip program with Rookery Bay

Partnership allows more students to participate and adds ‘on the water’ research The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has resumed its partnership with Rookery Bay Natural Estuarine Research Center’s SURVIVORS program,…

Grace Place Outside 2

Educational outreach team in the community

Grace Place for Children and Families In support of Grace Place’s mission of ending poverty through innovative outreach and education, our Conservancy Education Team visited over 150 Grace Place campers…


Horatio — one of the Conservancy’s feathered wildlife ambassadors

Over the past few years, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida has been redesigning and rebuilding its wildlife rehabilitation area, a part of the von Arx Wildlife Hospital facilities. Behind the…

Close-up Olive's face

Meet Olive, our ambassador barred owl

Visitors to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s Von Arx Wildlife Viewing Pavilion are greeted by docents happy to discuss the birds that may be found throughout our area. There are…

Baby alligator finding colored target

Alligator Appetites: Target Training at the Discovery Center

Our juvenile alligators here at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida are fed in a very special way. Targets of different shapes and colors are assigned to each alligator and when tapped with their nose, result in a food reward. As apex predators American alligators are a heavily food-oriented species, so this target training process helps to limit their food aggression.

A horseshoe crab ambassador in the Conservancy’s touch tank aquarium

Meet the Prehistoric Animal That Still Lives Among Us

When visiting the Dalton Discovery Center here at the Conservancy, you may see a strange creature with an armored shell and long tail buried in the sands of the touch…