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Guest opinion: The choice is ours — but we must advocate for it

Rob Moher | Conservancy of SWFL President and CEO Which version of Southwest Florida do you prefer?  Would you rather live in a region where traffic congestion worsens, development marches…

Capture Conservancy Of Southwest Florida Wildlife Biologists Ian Bartoszek Ian Easterling And Volunteer With A 110 Pound Female Burmese Python Located With A Scout Snake On 26DEC19

Help us battle invasive species in Southwest Florida

Invasive species are a top-tier environmental issue here in Southwest Florida. Burmese pythons are eating their way through the wildlife in the Greater Everglades Ecosystem; cane toads outcompete their native…

Green sea turtle with a satellite tag returning to the Gulf of Mexico

Why we do it

By Rob Moher | Conservancy President & CEO When I tell people how our Environmental Science Department works with endangered sea turtles, their eyes light up. I tell them about…

Old newspaper clipping that says, "Save Rookery Bay"

Protecting Southwest Florida: It’s what we stand for

Written by Conservancy President and CEO Rob Moher Protecting our quality of life for generations to come is at the core of our mission. In fact, the Conservancy of Southwest…

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Upping the ante to protect water, land, and wildlife in 2021

By Rob Moher As 2019 ended, I drafted a guest opinion titled “Upping the ante to protect Southwest Florida.” The piece complimented USA TODAY Network’s excellent editorial about our region’s…

Thank You

Giving Thanks

By Rob Moher “Thank you,” it’s one of the first things we teach our children to say and often one of the last sentiments we hope to express. It is…