Don’t fall for it!

February 25, 2022

If you received the below flyer in the mail, don’t be misled!  This is propaganda at its worst and is not good water policy.

Who is behind this campaign of misinformation?  A C4 political organization advocating on behalf of special interests. 

In last week’s eNews, we shared with you the tremendous impact all of you had in compelling the Senate to make improvements to SB2508.  However, there are still extremely detrimental components of the bill that the Conservancy, along with the entire Florida conservation community, continues to oppose.  The bill is now going to conference committee between the House and Senate.  At this point, it is unclear if improvements will be made to this bill, or if it will backslide to the even more damaging original language. 

The fact that our community is being bombarded by mailers from a DC-based lobbying group demonstrates that we must remain vigilant!  Next week will be pivotal, and we will update you on what action you need to take and what Legislators you need to contact to ensure that our water resources and quality of life are protected from bad legislation.