Explore the Evidence

Take a look at the articles below to begin to get acquainted with the invasive species story of the Burmese python and some ways that biologists at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida are trying to control their population. When you read the articles:

1. Read them once entirely for the story to get the big idea.

2. Read them again with your "variable ears" on. This means that you will read the story with an ear for the factors in the system that are having some impact on the python problem. That is, what things are impacting whether python population is increasing or decreasing?

Smithsonian Magazine, July 2018

Adapted from Eric Straats, Naples Daily News, April 8, 2017

Reflect in your science journal


The INVASIVE species in this ecosystem story is...

The NATIVE species in this ecosystem story are...

Now describe, in your own words, how the INVASIVE species is affecting the NATIVE species:

Some questions that I still have about this ecosystem story are...