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The video linked to the left is of a python necropsy, which is one of the ways that the Conservancy's Python team learns more about pythons in our area. Watch the video, then use your SCIENCE JOURNAL to describe some of the environmental factors that lead to an increase or decrease in the python population. 

Join the team

Your teacher has the opportunity to schedule a live virtual visit with a Conservancy scientist or naturalist to learn more about pythons and the research being conducted by the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. As you learn, and to guide the questions you might ask, keep the BIG QUESTION in mind: 

What is causing the decline in the NATIVE wildlife population in Southwest Florida?

and also

What can we do about it?

Use the prompts in your SCIENCE JOURNAL to record your notes from our live experience.

Reflect in Your Science Journal:

Use the T-chart in your SCIENCE JOURNAL to add to your understanding:

Some things that are causing the python population to INCREASE are...

Some things that are causing the python population to DECREASE are...

Now describe, in your own words, how the INVASIVE Burmese python is affecting NATIVE species:

Some questions that I still have about how the Burmese python is impacting Florida ecosystems is...