Florida Panther Compensation Program

Florida Panther Compensation Program

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s Florida Panther Compensation Program provides financial assistance to those who have experienced depredations by panthers. Ranchers may receive compensation funds for free-ranging cattle that have been lost to panthers. Homeowners keeping pets or small livestock may receive funds to help build a pen to protect them from depredation. The program’s goal is to encourage coexistence between landowners and native wildlife.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida initially launched a one-year pilot program in June of 2011, and the program is currently still active.

The Free-Ranging Cattle Compensation Program is designed to help compensate small farms when their free-ranging animals — typically calves — are lost to panthers.

The Pen Building Assistance Program may provide compensation funds to assist landowners who wish to build a predator-resistant pen to protect their small hobby livestock and pets from losses due to the Florida panther.


Submit an application to begin the process with the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Panther Compensation Program. Necessary information may include a copy of the “Florida Panther Response Plan Investigation Report” and any other relevant written communication you have received about the depredation incident from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Fill out the application form below.

  • Designed to provide financial compensation to those who have lost free-ranging cattle due to a verified Florida panther depredation.
  • Due to limited resources, small, family-owned and operated farms – typically with less than 300 head of cattle – will receive top priority for compensation.
  • Depredation losses due to Florida panthers subsequent to October 2010 will be considered through the program, providing that the loss was investigated and verified by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
  • The Free-Ranging Cattle Compensation program may compensate each owner for up to $599 and is subject to change.
  • Compensation may be adjusted under certain conditions, at the discretion of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.
  • The program offered by Conservancy of Southwest Florida may provide financial assistance for homeowners who build protective pen enclosures.
  • A typical protective pen is composed of chain-link fencing, a roof and is 20 feet by 10 feet and about 6 feet tall.
  • Materials to construct a typical protection pen are estimated at approximately $1,500.
  • Priority is given to those who have had a verified loss of a pet or livestock by a Florida panther. To qualify, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission must have investigated the incident and determined the loss occurred from a Florida panther.
  • The Pen Building Assistance Program may provide up to 75-percent reimbursement, up to $599, for the cost of the materials required for construction of a predator-resistant pen and is subject to change.

Panther Compensation Program


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Note: Please be aware that in some areas, authorizations or permitting from the local government may be necessary before constructing a pen enclosure. Contact your local municipality for more information.