Naples Beach Outfalls South System Project moving forward

September 14, 2022

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida would like to thank the Naples City Council for voting to move forward with the Beach Restoration and Water Quality Improvement Project, also known as the Naples Beach Outfalls Project. Moving forward with this project ensures a critical step for comprehensive water quality planning for Naples. The Conservancy has worked with the city for over a decade providing technical input on the various iterations of the project design. Though delays have sent the project back to the drawing board, we are encouraged that with this vote, there is regained momentum to see this project through.

Stormwater is currently collected and routed, untreated, through aging infrastructure and discharges to the Gulf of Mexico through 10 outfalls along the beach. In 2005, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection instructed Collier County and the City to address the beach outfalls and the city has worked for over a decade to get to this point. The project would consolidate the system and re-route stormwater for much-needed treatment before discharging offshore to the Gulf through north and south pump stations.

The Beach Outfalls Project is essential to ensuring the continued protection of our regional water resources, coastal environment, wildlife, residents, and visitors.

This project, along with continuing to implement the stringent fertilizer and stormwater ordinances, will help provide the City of Naples with a comprehensive approach to addressing pollutant sources before that water reaches the stormwater system and the Gulf. We appreciate the continued leadership from city staff and council members to proactively address local and regional water quality issues.

For more information on this project, visit the City’s website at: