Extend Your Thinking

What about other invasive species?

Take a look at the organisms' stories below. Remember to put your "variable ears" on. After you take a look at these organism's impact on ecosystems, you will create a Jamboard concept map for just one. Your choice! 

Now the model-building is up to you.

1. Click the button above to access the SageModeler. In the variables box, you will only see the three organisms listed above. CHOOSE JUST ONE.

2. Create a SIMULATED MODEL representing the ecosystem of one of the invasive species above. You can do additional research if you like, but be sure to represent all of the variables that you think are having an impact on the problem species.

3. Capture your model by screenshot or photo and insert it in your Science Journal.


In Your Journal

1. What structures do you see that are similar in both of your concept maps? In other words, what things about invasive species are the same, no matter what species it is?

2. If you see things that are similar between your invasive species systems, are there action items that we can do to reduce their populations, no matter what species it is? Or is every management plan unique?