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Conservancy's Mobile Classroom

Learning Adventures Bus reaching students across Collier County

The Learning Adventures Bus (LAB) mobile classroom launched at the end of 2021 with our pilot after-school program where students learned about plankton, microplastics, and sea turtles while using all of…

bird on hand

How Land Development is Affecting Birds

By Andrew Robey, Education Intern The state of Florida lies along the southern end of the Atlantic Flyway which is a highly used bird migratory route that extends from northeast…

Conservancy Mobile Classroom

Conservancy of Southwest Florida Summer Camp Update – 2022

As we begin to transition out of COVID and continue to navigate the reopening of the Nature Center,  the Conservancy of Southwest Florida will not be hosting our traditional summer camp program for 2022.…

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Watery Wonders program returns!

Education is a critical part of the Conservancy’s mission. When in-person outreach and field trips became impossible due to public health concerns, the Conservancy Education Team quickly pivoted to creating…

Tube Feet

The Porcupines of the Sea

By Camryn Anderson | Education Intern At the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, our Dalton Discovery Center is home to many native aquatic and terrestrial animals. When visiting the Dalton Discovery…

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The Nature Center reopens December 18!

Newly expanded Dalton Discovery Center features new interactive exhibits, galleries The Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center is reopening Dec. 18 to members and visitors after the completion of a…

Kelly And Leroy

Overcoming Snake Fear: From an Intern’s Perspective

Kelly Paulus | Education Intern Slimy and ready to strike. That’s the general impression many people have about snakes and I used to be one of them. Growing up in…

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The Wrongful Villainization of Predators

By Education Intern Fernanda Mora In the grasslands of Africa, a beautiful zebra grazes a couple of feet away from her group. Unbeknownst to her, a hungry lioness watches her…

Purple Blossom Plant Water Hyacinth Flower Nature

The Mass Spread: Invasive Plant Species in Southwest Florida

By Hillary Sterett | Education Intern Our new John and Carol Walter Discovery Wing in the Dalton Discovery Center is tackling the topic of local invasive species. We know that…

Conservancy Mobile Classroom

Conservancy launches new cutting-edge mobile classroom

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has announced the launch of its new state-of-the-art mobile classroom, a custom-built specialty vehicle that provides a hands-on science learning experience on wheels.