Wildlife Rehabilitation

Over 4,000 injured, sick, and orphaned native animals are admitted to the von Arx Wildlife Hospital each year. Most of those injuries stem from interactions that involve humans — including car strikes, domestic pet attacks, window collisions, fishing line and hook injuries, gunshots, and toxicosis.

If you find injured or orphaned native wildlife, contact the Conservancy's von Arx Wildlife Hospital at 239-262-CARE (2273) 8AM - 7PM EST, seven days a week.

Conservancy of Southwest Florida staff member inside the von Arx Wildlife Hospital checking on an egret that was just admitted.

our work

Providing medical care to injured wildlife has been a priority of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida since 1979. Caring citizens rescue bobcats, deer, pelicans, herons, gopher tortoises, and many other species of native animals and drop them off at the Conservancy for treatment. The wildlife rehabilitation team and a group of dedicated volunteers provide supportive care with the goal of releasing as many “patients” as possible back to their natural habitats.

patient update policy

With an increase in patients to more than 4,000 animals admitted each year, our process for checking the status of animals dropped off at the hospital has changed. Our staff must focus on providing the highest quality, individualized treatment to each patient. Therefore, we will not be able to provide health status updates. We sincerely appreciate your concern regarding the animal you brought to the hospital. Please know providing quality care to every animal admitted to the von Arx Wildlife Hospital continues to be our top priority. Thank you for understanding and for helping wildlife in need.

White-tailed deer fawn bottle feeding at the von Arx Wildlife Hospital

We Help Over 4,000 Animals a Year


The von Arx Wildlife Hospital receives no government funding to support operating expenses. It is supported almost entirely by individuals who care.