Plant This Instead

March 1, 2024

Written by Educator Gerald Thompson

What’s in your yard right now?

This week is National Invasive Species Awareness Week and while a lot of us are probably pretty familiar with the more infamous invasive animals like Burmese pythons and lionfish, invasive plants are also a huge problem and often fly under the radar.

Lionfish in our Invasive Species Gallery
Burmese python research and removal team out in the field

Many of the common plant species sold in big box stores and nurseries are non-native invasive species that can escape from our yards and start outcompeting and displacing native species. This can irreparably harm our native ecosystems, so wherever possible, please consider replacing these species with their prettier and far more beneficial native alternatives!

By adding these native plants to your landscape, not only are you keeping dangerous invasive species from spreading, but you’re also making your home part of the natural fabric to support your local wildlife. With proper research to make sure you pick a plant that will fit your landscape and living situation, this can become a very easy and rewarding step toward being a better steward of the land you live on.