SWFL Climate & Community Summit

January 25, 2023

Hosted January, 17th 2023 at Arthex in Naples, FL. This information was gathered and prepared by SWFL Climate & Community Initiative.

The first SWFL Climate & Community Summit was held on January 17, 2023. Over 250 of our Southwest Florida neighbors and leaders attended with one common goal: to overcome our barriers and to motivate our community with education, conversations, and collaboration to take action toward a sustainable way of life for us and future generations.

Rob Moher, CEO and President (CSWFL)
Discussion panel
Climate gathering

Throughout the one-day event, we came to understand our climate challenges and opportunities, addressed the impacts of Hurricane Ian and how we need to rebuild stronger and wiser, and prioritized the actions for our community and the SWFL Climate & Community Initiative to protect our paradise.

Video shown at event produced by SWFL videography

As a restorer sponsor, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, stands with the community and will work towards protecting and sustaining our way of life in SWFL not just for the water, land, wildlife, but for our future as a whole.

At the gathering, the community had the chance to vote on what actions for change should be the top priority for SWFL’s environment and future. These were the results:

  • Adopting Cleaner Energy
  • Addressing Agricultural Needs and Biodiversity
  • Addressing the Human Health Risks of a Warmer Climate
  • Developing Climate Education & Awareness
  • Improving the Resilience of Our Coastal Interface
  • Incentivizing Green Business
  • Revising Green Infrastructure
  • Updating and Enforcing Smart Development
  • Improving and Resilience of Our Water Management Infrastructure
  • Coordinating Stakeholder Engagement to Promote the Effectiveness of Advocacy

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