United in conservation: A Thanksgiving tribute

November 17, 2023

By: Rob Moher, Conservancy president and CEO


As we approach this most anticipated time of the Thanksgiving holiday, I am so mindful and grateful for all that you – our cheerleaders, supporters, advocates, and cherished fellow conservationists – have provided us with. Day in and day out, we meet at the Conservancy to plot the course ahead on how we will meet the challenge of the day. Some days these are relatively modest things, such as coordinating school groups, admitting wildlife, or arranging a speaking engagement.

Rob Moher

On other days, the challenge levels go up. How will we convince the community to demand the Army Corps of Engineers provide us with nature-based solutions for coastal flood control in the face of rising seas? How can we minimize preventable pain and death of pelicans at public fishing piers? How can we advocate successfully in the legislature for addressing point source pollution impacting our waters? 

In every one of these moments, however, there is one thing we do not have to worry about – how will we be able to pay for the staff, services, and support to do this work?

That is because our most amazing donors, volunteers, and community supporters always rise up to meet the challenge with us. We stand strong with amazing support from our community. This is something so unique and special and deserves to be celebrated as we recognize what we are grateful for.

As I approach 25 years of service at the Conservancy, I am more grateful today for the amazing team I get to work with every day to protect our water, land, wildlife, and our future. I sincerely appreciate every donor, staff member, intern, volunteer, and community partner who chooses to support our efforts. 

We all understand that we stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before us – the importance of those who chose to act when protecting the environment was not as well understood as it is today. As we prepare for our 60th anniversary, our gratitude should extend to our founders and early movers of the mission as well. 

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s to a great start to our 60th year of working to protect our paradise!

Aerial view of mangrove islands in Rookery Bay